4 Step Stationary Bike Workout to Improving your Cycling Speed

Stationary bike workouts are usually effective for improving ones fitness and cycling performance. This is because you can easily set resistance levels, track your cycling speed and also the time you spend riding. These options can help you to track your performance and hence help you to improve your fitness gradually. When you want to improve your cycling speed, appropriate exercise bike workouts can help you to improve your cycling speed. In this article, you will learn about an exercise bike workout that will help you to improve your cycling speed.

In this stationary bike workout, you need to work your legs’ muscles strength so as to be able to pedal very fast. Here are the steps of this exercise bike workout;

1. Set the resistance level of your stationary bike to a relatively high resistance level.

This must be a level that will give your leg muscles a good level of resistance, but make sure that it is not too difficult to pedal.

2. At this relatively high resistance level, pedal as fast you can consistently for 20 seconds.

Check your timer to ensure this. After pedaling very fast for 20 seconds, pedal slowly for 10 seconds so as to catch your breath and to let your body recover.

3. Repeat this cycling exercise 8 times.

You should do this while watching your timer to ensure that you do regular time intervals.

4. Finally, repeat this exercise daily or do it every 2 – 3 days,

If you have the stationary bike at home, you can do this stationary bike workout everyday when you have the time.

As you get used to pedaling at the high resistance level that you set, you should increase the resistance level a notch higher. Increasing the resistance level will help you to work your muscles more and hence improve your cycling speed further.

Remember that doing this exercise bike workout consistently will help you to improve your cycling speed gradually. Be consistent and you will see results soon enough.
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All the best with your cycling training.

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