5 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Cycling Shoes

If you train on a stationary bike, either at home or in a gym, then you need indoor cycling shoes. They are very important as they help to increase the effectiveness of your cycling training on stationary bike. In this article, I will share with you 5 reasons why you need an indoor cycling shoe and how they can help you when training for cycling or just to get fit.

Here are the 5 reasons;

1. They improve the efficiency of your pedaling.

Indoor cycling shoes are special shoes that are designed to attach to your exercise bike’s pedals by way of a clip. Attaching shoes to the pedals improves the efficiency of your pedaling since your foot will be well attached to your bike’s pedals and hence preventing your leg from slipping from the pedals. This helps you to pedal consistently and hence improve your pedal stroke while training.

2. Less effort is needed.

These shoes are lighter than ordinary outdoor cycling shoes. This makes it more comfortable to pedal and hence less effort is needed to pedal

3. Breathability.

When training at home or in a gym, it could get really hot inside and wearing fully-closed shoes would be uncomfortable as your feet begin to sweat. With specialized cycling shoes, some of them are specifically designed in such a way that there is enough ventilation for air to flow to your feet, hence making you feel comfortable. This is also important as it will help you to prevent foot diseases caused by bacteria on your feet, resulting from the constant sweating in you feet.

4. Maximum impact from a workout.

Indoor bike shoes are usually designed with an extra inner padding that will help you to feel more comfortable when exerting pressure when pedalling. This will in turn help you to train more intensely without much pain on your feet resulting from cycling shoes with hard soles. You will then benefit more from your indoor cycling workouts.

5. Preventing of injuries.

These specialized cycling shoes are usually designed with clips at the bottom so as to help you to attach your feet to the stationary bike’s pedals. This attachment to the pedals will help to prevent injury on you when your feet possibly slip off the pedals of the bike.

When you buy your cycling shoe, make sure you buy also cleats, the ones that will help you to attach your shoe to the stationary bike. One way to do this is to use amazon, after you have selected your cycling shoe to buy, click on add to cart and you will be offered suggestions on various cleats. You can also  get better deals in Amazon than in a local shop.

All the best with your cycling training.

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4 Responses to 5 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Cycling Shoes

  1. Excellent post. I have to second the fact that breathability is important. This is definitely overlooked as the pedaling efficiency is a much more talked about topic. But, if the inside of your spinning shoes get hot and sweaty, then you are increasing your chances of getting blisters from the friction.

  2. I think the most important part of owning and riding with spinning shoes is the pedaling. With normal gym shoes and the spin bike toe baskets, you only really are pushing. With indoor cycling shoes with clips, you get to pull the pedal on the up stroke as well. This is more efficient because this motion uses the bigger and stronger thigh muscles. If you’re road biking, then you’ll want to practice the use of these muscles for long rides to save your calves and to take longer to get fatigued.

    • kim says:

      my reason for asking why indoor cycle shoes are important is because i have strong quads, but weaker hips and inner thighs. Should I skip the cycle shoes for a while to help build more hip/inner thigh strength?

  3. Of course, other equipment required include the cycle helmet, the cycling clothing and triathlon shoes.